A total of 137mm of rain fell in June, the wettest month we’ve had since November 2014, this along with warm temperatures created very challenging conditions for the team. With perfect conditions for growing grass, unfortunately at times not perfect for cutting it, or getting a dry cut at least. A plant growth regulator was applied to control the growth on the fairways and approaches and greens, Though some damage was inevitable on some of the wetter areas, the team did their best to present the course to the highest possible standard. The greens were aerated, verti cut and top dressed, this was followed by a liquid feed.

It was a difficult month to get the roller out on the greens and this did affect greens speeds, though we did get enough dry weather to pick the speed up just in time for the Club Championships.


Much drier conditions so far in July, I’ve even had a couple of irrigation programmes running. The greens will be aerated which is a monthly operation, we will also verti cut and topdress. A liquid feed will be applied along with soil conditioners and a wetting agent. The height of cut at the moment is at 3.5mm where it will remain unless we get particularly dry conditions where we may have to raise the height slightly. It has been difficult to get into a routine with rolling the greens because of the wet weather, but now with very little growth on the greens due to the plant growth regulator (PGR) applications, we will look to get into a pattern of rolling 2/3 times a week and not cut on these particular days. This will give more consistent green speeds and smoother surfaces.

The tees and approaches will be aerated using a ¾ inch solid tine and a wetting agent along with seaweed and iron will be applied. The fairways will be spot sprayed for any weeds. The semi rough will be sprayed with a soluble fertiliser along with a PGR and a selective weed killer. There is a lot of clover and other weeds in some areas of the rough which will be sprayed using a selective weed killer.

Other works include:

– Repair works to some of the damaged areas of turf.
– Take out mat on 16th tee and turf.
– Path work to top-up priority areas.

We are very grateful for all the messages of support and great feedback from members and guests.

Mark Ogden
Course Manager