Our main work over these two months will be tree work and woodland management.  A start has already been made to areas on the right of 13 green where we have cleared the scrub, cut down saplings and hazels to expose the ditch which runs down the right-hand side.  The woodland area between 15,16 and 17 tee has been tidied up including taking out hazel copses, leaning trees, undesirable and dead trees creating more space for the indigenous species to thrive. The area between the two pathways leading from the 8th green to the 9th tees has been cleared of undesirable species, this will also improve air flow through this area.  As we go along we are also raising tree canopies on each hole that we work on, these will be raised to the maximum height using our pole saw.  Other woodland works to be carried out will be the area between 7 green, 4th tees and 8th tees, left side of 9th hole,  left side of 11th green.  There are also a number of dead trees around the course which we will cut down before they become a safety issue.

The last of the few leaves that are left will be cleared up when conditions allow, the majority of ditches have been cleaned out and will soon be completed.

The verti drain will be out aerating the fairways whenever the conditions allow, this will be our second round of aeration on the fairways this winter, and will help alleviate compaction, improve surface drainage and promote root growth.

Greens, tees and approaches will also be aerated.  A liquid feed will be applied to greens in February using iron, seaweed and turf hardeners to keep the plant healthy and strengthen the sward going into the back end of winter.  We will continue to cut greens at 5mm using the hand mowers.  The tees will be cut using a pedestrian rotary mower which will pick up any debris and tidy them up nicely.

Happy New Year to all from the Greenkeeping Team.

Mark Ogden

Course Manager