Just 22mm of rain recorded in August meant a very dry month, and this following a dry July has meant good water management particularly on fairways has been essential, this along with temperatures being relatively kind and staying in the mid to low 20’s degrees has kept full grass coverage on the fairways. The weather was pretty much perfect for greens maintenance week, with a little bit of rain on the weekend before, and a little bit of rain at the end of the week and beautiful sunshine in between. We hollow cored again, taking out a core 13mm in diameter, 3 inches in depth and at 2 inch spacings. The dry conditions made picking up the cores a lot cleaner. We then added in total 90 tonnes of sand, 75 tonnes in maintenance week and a further 15 tonnes the following week, this is 30 tonnes more than usual as the conditions allowed it with the core holes staying open and the drier sand brushing in a lot easier. A granular fertiliser was then applied to encourage more growth and quicker recovery. Though we had slower greens for a short period, having full recovery within 2 weeks was very pleasing, especially the amount of sand applied and the amount of stress the grass plant was put under. Thank you all for your understanding during this period. Wetting agent, seaweed and a growth regulator were sprayed on the tees and approaches. A selective herbicide to eradicate weeds was sprayed on some areas of fairways and rough.


A liquid feed of turf hardeners and soil conditioners and a plant growth regulator has been applied to the greens, now that the greens have recovered this will reduce growth while at the same time keep the plant healthy and protected, we are now back into our cutting and rolling routine. A deep aeration using the tractor mounted verti drain will be carried out at the end of the month, varying the depths that we aerate is very important and during the summer months we vary between 3 and 6 inches. When using the verti drain we will be able to go down to a depth of 10 inches which is important going into the Autumn and Winter months. Around this period there will be an application of fungicide, applied as a preventative as we are likely to see changes in the weather favourable to disease activity. Tees and approaches will also be aerated with the verti drain. With a busy golf month most of our focus will be on keeping on top of the general course presentation.

Thank you for reading.

Mark Ogden
Course Manager