Golf Course Maintenance Review – April / May 2015

Drift Golf Club – Course Maintenance Review

April 2015

Firstly like to welcome two new members to the greenkeeping team, Luke Honey and Chip Thompson, both are qualified and experienced with Luke having worked at Merrist Wood for 3 years and Chip at Worplesdon for 10 years.

Greens maintenance has been completed and a granular feed has been applied which aided recovery and thickened the sward. Work on the 12th tee continued and the actual teeing surface is now complete, The whole tee area will be completed and opened up for play on the 1st June. A big effort was made by staff to get all fairways and the driving range ‘verti drained’ this is the start of our fairway aeration programme and will be complemented by our newly purchased earthquake machine which will be in operation throughout the season, these continued works will aid drainage on the fairways.

May 2015

The greens maintenance programme will begin now that the greens have recovered from hollow coring, this will include aerating using solid tines, verti cutting and regular light topdressings, these will be followed by a regular little and often feeding programme. With new bits of kit coming in this month which includes a topdressing brush and a greens iron, this will complement the works programme and continue to improve the playing surface.

The tees and approaches have been aerated and topdressed over the last week and a granular feed has been applied to help thicken up the sward. A herbicide will be applied to these surfaces in the next week along with a growth regulator. A liquid feed and growth regulator will be applied to the fairways also.

Continued works on the 12th tee to get it complete ready for opening at the end of the month. The 7th ladies tee will be complete in the next week and this will be open for play at the end of June.

The extended path on the left of 12 will be complete before the end of the month and we will start other pathwork improvements, this will be ongoing. Repair works to GUR, bare areas and hollows on fairways will be ongoing also.

Kind Regards

Mark Ogden
Course Manager