After a wet start to the month, we then had some cooler and drier weather and the course has stayed relatively dry throughout the month.  Post and rope was moved to try and spread the wear areas as much as possible and to try and give the golfer as clean a walk on/off area as we can.

All tees and approaches were verti drained at a depth of around 8 inches, the fairways is ongoing, all the front 9 has been done and we are progressing well on the back 9, these works require drier conditions and so we have managed to get the majority of the fairways done this month.  All the greens were aerated using our pro core with 13mm solid tines going in at a depth of 5 inches.

Tree work continued and we completed the left side of the second hole, a stump grinder will be hired in to take out the stumps and finish the job off, 5 trees on the left side of the 1st hole have been removed and the stumps have been ground down, as per our course design strategy and woodland management plan.  Tree work around the 12th tee has been started where we are looking to thin out some trees to improve the amount of light getting to the tees, particularly the back tee which struggled last year, and some thinning out work also to try and get more air movement in this area.

MARCH 2016

The 1st of March used to mean that we are nearing the end of winter, now I’m not sure but we can live in hope.  The greens will be aerated again continuing our monthly aeration programme on the greens.  Later in the month a liquid feed will be applied using seaweed and turf hardeners, we will continue to cut using our walk behind mowers, and when conditions allow we will look to lower the height of cut slightly.

Tees and approaches will be aerated again using the verti drain, and a liquid feed will be applied to strengthen the plant.  Verti draining of fairways will continue, once all have been completed we will move onto walk on/off areas and green surrounds, then go back onto fairways where we will try to keep going for the next 4 – 6 weeks.

Tree work to be continued around the 12th tee and right side of the 11th green, stumps to be ground out left of the 2nd hole.

Other work will include repairing path ends, digging out, preparing and re-turfing the worst ones, taking out the mat on the 16th tee and turfing, cleaning up tee signage and re painting.

Mark Ogden, Course Manager