All the greens and green surrounds were hollow cored using half inch tines and going in at a depth of 3 inches, the cores were collected and have been used to fill in hollows and to top up drainage lines. We then topdressed with around 60 tonne of sand, the whole operation went smoothly and the last of the sand was dressed and brushed in on the Thursday. Thank you for your understanding during these important works. Below average temperatures throughout April and frosty conditions soon after greens maintenance week meant that recovery was quite slow at first, but temperatures picked up early May and gave us the growth required for full recovery.

Tees and approaches were also aerated using solid tines and top dressed with sand. A six month granular feed was then applied.

Path ends were also re-turfed in areas where they had become worn during the winter.


Temperatures have picked up and we are now getting a flush of growth. Greens, Tees and approaches were all fed using a granular feed after aeration and top dressing, an application of growth regulator has now been applied to try and control the growth of the leaf. Light dressings of sand will be put down on the greens every other week to help smooth out any imperfections, and applications of wetting agent, soil conditioners and liquid feeds will be applied throughout the month. We are now cutting at 4mm and this will be reduced to 3.5mm.

A soluble feed along with iron and a growth regulator will be applied to the fairways. We are cutting fairways at 14mm and have now started to stripe them for definition and presentation. The semi rough will get the same treatment and is now being cut at 1 ¼ inch. Areas of rough which need it will be weed sprayed and also a growth regulator.

Tees and approaches are being cut at 11mm and will go down to 10mm which is the height for the season, they were fed last month and have also been sprayed with a growth regulator, an application of wetting agent and seaweed will be applied this month. Regular divoting will start to take place on the tees, particularly the par 3’s.

Other up-coming works include:

– Flymo and edge all bunkers and top up with fresh sand.
– Construct path to halfway hut – this is near completion.
– Strim ditches and around trees.
– Path work to some areas where topping up is needed.
– Remove mat on 16th tee and re-turf.

Enjoy your golf!

Kind regards

Mark Ogden
Course Manager