Dress Code

Club Dress Code Summary

Members and guests are required to observe the following key elements of our dress code. If you have any questions please speak with the General Manager.

Members and Group booking organisers are responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of the Club dress code prior to their visit.


In the Clubhouse & Terrace

A smart casual dress code applies. Staff are authorised to use their discretion to manage the Club dress code and are trained to do so in a discreet manner.


On the Course & Practice Facilities

Acceptable Not Acceptable
Polo shirts T-Shirts, Vests, Football or Rugby style shirts
Tailored trousers & shorts or Chinos Denim or Training Wear
Shirts tucked in Large lettering or numbers on polo shirts
Knee length socks Dark Business socks
White sport or ankle socks with shorts Coloured or dark socks with shorts
Caps pointing forwards Three-quarter length trousers for men
Mobiles phones switched to silent Cargo shorts or trousers
Mobile phone use in emergencies Untucked shirts
Golf Shoes must be worn on the course Training shoes, Flipflops


Mobile devices

Mobiles, Smartphones, PDA’s and Tablets are an everyday part of 21st century life, so the following guidelines have been created to allow sensible use of mobile devices whilst still maintaining the level of decorum expected at a quality Club.

  • Mobile devices should be switched to silent or vibrate whilst at the Golf Club.
  • Calls may be taken discreetly in and around the Clubhouse.
  • Please be courteous and respectful of your fellow members when using your mobile devices.
  • Phone calls on the course should be for emergency use only.