We had high levels of rainfall at the start and end of the month, with a dry couple of weeks in between with some lovely weather and good temperatures for the time of year.

The dry weather gave us a great opportunity to complete a significant amount of aeration work on the playing surfaces…

We verti drained all fairways and semi rough areas all the way to the tree line as well as the carries from the tee, at a depth of 7 inches. This will help relieve compaction, improve surface drainage and improve root growth. All green run offs and surrounds and tees were aerated with ¾ inch solid tines at a depth of 4-5 inches.

The greens were aerated with 10mm solid tines at a depth of 5 inches. We managed to get the turf iron out on a couple of occasions and gave the greens a roll, which we will hopefully be able to continue to do on a weekly basis through to the start of the main season. The greens have been hand cut throughout the month and the height of cut was raised to 6mm after the heavy rainfall at the beginning of the month.

Tree work continued including works within our strategic course management plan to take out the short row of trees on the right side of the 6th fairway. Once suitable weather allows we will complete the works, grind out the stumps and turf these areas to complete the job. The fairway will then be reshaped further to the right to open up a better approach angle for golfers and to help steer tee shots away from the 7th tee.

A good number of dead/declining trees were also thinned out of the areas between 10th / 18th and 12th / 17th holes.

Raising of tree canopies has also been ongoing and further planned tree work will be carried out if we get another period of cold weather.

The 18th pond was cleared of reedmace and some clearance has taken place on the first pond on the 10th, these works will now cease and be continued later in the year as we are now entering the breeding season for newts & toads.


Greens maintenance week is planned this month week commencing 13th penned into the diary, although week commencing the 6th is a possibility if conditions allow.

The greens will be deep tined using the verti drain rather than hollow core, going in at a depth of 9 – 10 inches, we will then top dress using around 30 tonnes of sand.

By solid/deep tining rather than hollow coring we will create less disturbance and get much quicker recovery, so we can look to go into April with the greens fully recovered. The height of cut on the greens will be taken down to 5mm as soon as possible after these works.

Other works include:

– Continued canopy raising.
– Taking down the last tree on the right side of the 6th, plus other planned tree work/scrub clearance.
– Continued aeration including on walk on walk off areas.
– Path end preparation for turfing and path work improvements


Mark Ogden
Course Manager