Course Maintenance Review October & November


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A dry October so far has given us the opportunity to do some important drainage works out on the course. 175metre of drainage line was installed, the main area being the left of the 9th hole to improve winter playability in this high traffic area. The drain lines have a 100mm pipe covered over with 10mm shingle, sharp sand and then topped up to the surface with sand, the drain lines will be left like this and will be GUR until early spring where they will be either turfed or seeded. The 9th bunker was also part of this drainage system, also bunker drainage in the 8th and 16th bunkers has been completed. Some path work has been carried out on paths leading to the ladies 5th and 7th tees and more material has been introduced, we will put down path topping in the spring.

All fairways and high wear areas have had some form of aeration, either verti drain or ‘Earthquake’ which was purchased at the beginning of the year, again with the weather being kind, the drier conditions made it ideal to carry out these works. During drier spells throughout the coming months we shall continue to aerate which will aid surface drainage.

Aesthetically it’s a great time of the year as the leaves start to change and seeing all the different colours around the course. It also means that the leaves are starting to come down and now require daily clearing. As always this task is the main priority over the coming months.
All tees/approaches/green surrounds and other worse affected areas on fairways and semi rough have been treated for worm casts and this will significantly reduce the amount of casting in these areas.

An application of liquid feed, with iron and turf hardeners was applied to greens, giving just enough nutrients to keep a strong healthy grass plant. The hand mowers have been set up at 5mm, which will be the height of cut on greens throughout the winter months, these will be brought in at the end of the month. Our monthly greens aeration continues and will be carried out at the end of the month with smaller pencil tines to create minimal disruption to play.


The main priority on the course will be leaf clearance. Some tree work will be carried out raising canopies and taking out any dead trees.

Aeration will continue – the tees and approaches will be verti drained and later in the month the greens will be verti drained. Tees and approaches will also be sprayed with iron and turf hardeners.

Greens rolling will now be faded out with the emphasis being more on keeping the surfaces dry. The use of hand mowers will roll and keep a truer surface whilst cutting and prevent heavy ride on mowers being needed.

Post and rope will start to be introduced for traffic control in order to protect green surrounds etc. The white tee markers will be brought in on the 1st November. The red tees on the 6th will be brought forward onto the yellow tee for the winter and new ‘gender neutral’ blue tee markers have now been introduced for anyone preferring a shorter course. We encourage all members to give them a try!

Further updates on course works etc. are now posted on Twitter and Facebook. These can be accessed via the Drift Club website

Mark Ogden
Course Manager

Newsletter 3

Following positive feedback on our trial openings over the last month, we are delighted to announce that since the start of October we regularly open the Halfway Hut on Saturday, Sunday & Monday mornings.

Menu items include;
• Sausage rolls
• Pastry slices
• Cornish pasties
• Soup in a take away cup
• Tea & Coffee
• Bottled beer
• Soft bottled drinks
We will continue to review our opening times and offering throughout the winter to ensure we offer you the best service possible and we are open to requests! It is hoped and intended to increase opening days and hours to a full service by late Spring 2016.

We now have a NEW Tee Times online booking system for Visitors in place. You will find it under