Course maintenance review July / August 2015


JULY 2015

July has been another dry month, with temperatures rising to 30+ at the beginning of the month, luckily from a golf course point of view the high temperatures didn’t last for too long.  An 8 week period from the start of June saw just 12mm of rainfall, maintaining moisture levels on all fine turf areas was the main priority.  This provides a different set of challenges for the green keeping team, our fantastic irrigation system enables us to control this, with the water resources available both in the ponds and using some mains water, along with hand watering hot spots, and the use of wetting agents which help pull the water through the profile, which in turn helps develop a stronger and healthier root structure.  The greens were verti cut and topdressed at the beginning of the month, and in the past few days have been verti drained, which further aids getting the water down through the profile, using the tru turf (roller) meant there was minimal effect on the surfaces.  Heights of cut were raised on all surfaces during the high temperatures to reduce stress on the plant, they will gradually come back down when surfaces come out of the dry period.


Our greens maintenance week is week commencing the 17th.  Again we will be verti draining the greens going in at a depth of around 10 inches using slightly larger tines ¾ inch diameter so we are able to work sand into the holes and further down the profile than what we normally do, this will improve water infiltration and root depth, which in turn will give a healthier plant and a continued improvement in surface quality, particularly during winter months,  60 tonnes of sand will be dressed into the holes and a liquid feed will be applied to aid recovery, we will continue to roll the greens to improve playability during this period.

Tees and approaches will also be verti drained followed by a light topdressing of sand, a liquid feed will be applied along with a wetting agent and seaweed.  A liquid feed will also be applied to fairways.

Other works include raising the canopies on trees and edging path work.

Apologies for any inconvenience during maintenance week.

Kind Regards

Mark Ogden, Course Manager