Course Report January and February 2016



A wet end of 2015 has continued throughout January, particularly the first 10 days of the month. We had a short cold snap midway through the month and since then we’ve seen high winds and rain.  There are a few areas which have sat wet, but on the whole the course has held up well and improved versus the same time last year. Aeration on fairways in spring and autumn last year has helped, and drainage works carried out last year on the 5th and 18th holes has improved these areas.

The 1st green has been vertidrained using a larger ¾ inch tine which is what we use on the fairways, at a depth of 10 inches. This has been topdressed by hand twice so far and brushed in by hand to try and keep the holes open and get as much sand into the holes as possible. These works, whilst laborious and time consuming are well worth the effort and are intended to improve the drainage and year round playability of the green.

Tree work has been carried out around the back of the 18th tee. We have opened it up a little to try and get more air movement through this area and re-install an existing path which runs around the back of this tee for greenkeeper use.   The left side of the second hole is another area we are thinning out.  We are looking to expose the ditch which runs all the way down the left side making it more accessible to clear and ‘bottom out’ using a digger.  This will also aid future plans to install drainage into what is a lower laying part of the course.  The stumps have been left sticking out of the ground so we can see them and not trip over them in the short term. When we have completed all the works there, we will hire in a stump grinder and grind them out.


The greens apart from the 1st will be aerated using a 10mm tine and at a depth of 5 inches.  A liquid feed will be applied using iron, seaweed and turf hardeners to keep the plant ticking over and strengthen the sward going into the back end of winter.

The tees and approaches are to be aerated using the verti drain and a light liquid feed with iron will be applied. We will then move back on to the fairways and when weather permits continue to aerate these for the next 2 months.

Tree work will continue on the 2nd hole until it is finished.  Tree work around the 12th tee will be carried out to create more light and air movement to the back of the tee.

Other tree work will be to prioritise and implement further thinning out of leaning or dead trees out around the course.

Mark Ogden, Course Manager